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How to Create a Facebook PageYour Facebook for Business Page is an excellent tool for connecting and building rapport with customers and fans. Once you have a firm handle on how that works you can also use your Page to drive real sales and grow your brand.

Spend a few Rupees to promote your business to people on Facebook and advertise your website. Results vary, but it’s relatively inexpensive for you to experiment with this function. Depending on your type of business, Facebook can also be a very-easy-to-setup eCommerce platform where customers can actually purchase items directly from your page.

For now, though, it’s all about the basics. They matter, so they’re worth getting right. Follow the above steps and you’ll be prepared to engage with your customers in the place they are most—and build your business at the same time.

Note: Setting up a Page must be done within Facebook natively.

 Now that you’ve setup your Facebook business page, Want to grow more Feel free to CONTACT US

From the moment I wake up to the moment my head hits the pillow at night, I’m thinking about social media. To some, social media is simply a buzzword, but to us (marketers) it’s a way to define a brand, to make someone laugh, to connect people and businesses and most importantly, it sells stuff. Regardless of my opinions on the effectiveness of social media, my clients do not always share my perspective right away.

For those of us who live and breathe social, however, it can be a challenge to work with skeptical clients and stakeholders. “What is the R.O.I., of social media?” is a question we hear a lot from potential and current clients. While I understand the value of it, it can be difficult to explain to a client who is expecting to see immediate results. Being able to effectively communicate your passion and proven success is crucial to obtaining new clients and nurturing current client relationships. When I’m met with the tough question of “why should we be on social media?” besides laughing, this is exactly what I do.

Educating Your Client

There is likely a lack of knowledge on the client’s side about the basic principles of modern digital marketing and what it is that we actually do. Many clients know they need us, but they aren’t sure why. The first step to ensuring your client understands what you’re working on is through educating them about how marketing works.

Marketing is all about having as many touch points available as possible, so when the prospective customer is ready to make a purchase, your product or service is front and centre. One of the central concepts of marketing is the funnel, which is the process in which a prospective customer is taken through awareness, consideration and ultimately (if all goes well), making the final purchase. This is just as it sounds, a process that takes time and doesn’t just happen overnight.

The Marketing Funnel

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